PFS Express Transcript


This is a simple local PFS Academic Transcript design for students/ pupils who need to transfer to another school locally within Nigeria.



PFS Express Transcript is a special delivery service designed for schools within and out of Nigeria. These transfers can be done from our foundation/college school to another educational institution (within or outside the country).

You will need to provide the following to proceed:

  • First Name & Last Name (Person making payment)
  • Phone Number (Offline notification of transcript)
  • Email Address (Where the transcript will be sent)
  • Full Name of Child (Stated on the Certificate of Birth)
  • Child’s School (College or Foundation)
  • Child’s Class (Present Class)
  • Academic Transcript of Child (Basic or JSS or SSS)
  • Name of School (School the Academic Transcript is to be Addressed)
  • Full Address of School (School the Academic Transcript is to be Addressed)

NB: Allow 28 hours for the academic transcript to be sent to you.

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